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The Problem: 
1 in 20 people with Alzheimer's develop it before the age of 65 - this is known as early onset Alzheimer's. Yet they are a group who are widely forgotten about so there are limited resources available to them.

Our Solution:

When you are diagnosed, it is suggested that you no longer drive. However, the technology that Volvo already has in their cars, has the potential to keep those with Early Onset Alzheimers safe in their day to day.

Introducing Smart Reminders, an app that can be downloaded onto your smart watch; keeping your reminders in one place, in chronological order and safely strapped onto your wrist.

Smart Reminders

Feature & PR

The Brief: Volvo wants to become a life style brand.

As a pioneer of safety, they want to create a new technology that protects people and keeps them safe.


Experiential Takeover...

Media Response...

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